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  • Supernova


    A supernova, by definition, is a star that suddenly increases greatly in brightness because of a catastrophic explosion that ejects most of its mass. I am not an astronomer, nor a physicist (you’re welcome, world), but I am a little bit of a writer. I love that word, and its meaning. To some, a supernova…

  • Climbing the ladder

    Climbing the ladder

    Hi everyone! It has been a bit since my last post here. My task list has been lengthy! I have been working on a fairly large website and social media project for the past couple of weeks, along with rehearsing for a concert I performed in yesterday. I haven’t had a ton of time to…

  • I’ve got the shovel

    I’ve got the shovel

    Why does it feel like finding friendships changes so much once you hit 50? Is it tougher to get together, or does everyone already have a shovel person?

  • Making Patterns Rhyme

    Making Patterns Rhyme

    I’ve been observing this fan community for over twenty-three years now. I’ve learned some things along the way.

  • Another presale, another ulcer

    Another presale, another ulcer

    Any luck with the presale today? Happy to share my experiences, and the surprises along the way!

  • More on that tour announcement

    More on that tour announcement

    It occurred to me that I really should cover this a bit more before Monday hits and I’m grumbling about the 95,000 things that can and likely WILL go wrong that morning. (Way to be thinking positive, am I right??) 26 Dates (and counting) Here they are: 05/28/2023    San Jose CA    SAP Center…

  • Just when you think you’re fine

    Just when you think you’re fine

    I was getting ready to settle in to blog when I discovered the site was blank. Like…super blank. The words “Nothing to see here, move along” were pretty damn appropriate. In that moment, two things ran through my head: why did I ever decide to willingly create a site and do this again; and I…

  • New Year, New Me?

    New Year, New Me?

    Happy 2023! I know I’m behind on greetings, but today is the first day back to “reality” for my family. Youngest is back in school, husband is back at a new job, and I’m back on a regular schedule. I spent about half of the holidays sick with a chest cold that I’m still struggling…

  • That’s a Wrap!

    That’s a Wrap!

    Whoa. I lost November somewhere…and part of December too. Where do the weeks go? I had big plans for writing, and then the Hall of Fame came along, and bam! It’s now December 13. What?!? I won’t lie, real life has been kicking my ass lately. I’ve had concerts and other holiday performances to rehearse…

  • Dancing on the Sand

    Dancing on the Sand

    This morning, I climbed into my car to take the youngest to school. I didn’t need a thermometer to tell me the overnight temperatures had slid down below freezing – my leather seat alerted me as I sat down. Shivering, I waited for the heater to begin working, and the windows to defrost. My head…

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