We always knew

I used to roll my eyes at the thought of Duran Duran being inducted into the Hall of Fame. For years, it was sort of the side joke I’d snicker about in private with close friends. Not that I didn’t feel Duran Duran was worthy. My feeling was, if Depeche Mode and the Go-Go’s could get in, Duran Duran deserved at least as much. It was a given. We just needed to wait until the world caught up, as per the usual. Hence the eye rolls.

Of course, you could walk up to nearly anybody on the street, ask them who should be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and get a different answer. My opinion is as good as anyone else’s in that regard. In this case though, we’ve got the voting members of the Hall of Fame to contend with. Fifteen years of eligibility and ONE nomination later, we got lucky.

Unlike many, I’m not going to sit here and blow more sunshine to describe how wonderful this day is. Fact is, if you’re a Duran Duran fan – YOU ALREADY KNOW. No one needs me to wax on about how much this band deserves the honor, or how profusely their music has changed my life. Did you ever read Daily Duranie? What about this site? Is this your first drive by here? If you’ve read anything at all here – you already know.

Isn’t that truly the point? The little girls (and boys) already know. They’ve known for decades. Duran Duran changed my life at the tender age of ten or eleven. They reached into my heart, grabbed hold, and now – well, now they’re keeping me going through a particularly difficult middle age. The critics dismissed kids like me back in the day, tightening the misogynistic bondage that continues to strangle the music industry to this very day. The men always thought they knew better. Many still do, as I roll my eyes in response. Somehow though, this time, my favorite band seems to have gotten past the guards. All at once I’m shocked, thrilled, angry about the time it’s taken, and squealing in delight at the very idea that in mere hours, they’re about to be inducted.

This is 2022. Duran Duran is not only on the list, but I’m reading press about how they should be the main event of the entire evening. Fascinating, really, given the history of the band with critical acclaim, or rather the lack thereof. I’m Italian. We don’t forget or forgive all that easy. While many fans are openly overdosing on the joy of this day, I’m more apt to sit back and say ,”Oh really? The band that most critics delighted in belittling right along with their legions of teenage girl fans is now suddenly worthy?” It almost makes me choke on the coupe cocktail glass of neon pink colored champagne I’m sipping.

Here’s the thing – any fan of this band already knows the truth. The little girls always knew. Many little boys did too! The band has always been worthy of this honor. Don’t let people fool you. Nothing has changed in the past few decades. The band continues to put out quality music, forty some years on in their career. They play their hearts out on tour. Legions of fans who have grown up in the shadow of the stage lights, still come to shows, gather with other fans, and adore this band. Those who claimed they wouldn’t last will dine on those very words tonight, as the once-little boys and girls raise a glass to toast the band. Duran Duran has gotten us through puberty, first jobs, adulthood, births, deaths, marriage, divorces, retirement, and life. We’ve always known.







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