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  • I’ve got the shovel

    I’ve got the shovel

    Why does it feel like finding friendships changes so much once you hit 50? Is it tougher to get together, or does everyone already have a shovel person?

  • Just when you think you’re fine

    Just when you think you’re fine

    I was getting ready to settle in to blog when I discovered the site was blank. Like…super blank. The words “Nothing to see here, move along” were pretty damn appropriate. In that moment, two things ran through my head: why did I ever decide to willingly create a site and do this again; and I…

  • We always knew

    I used to roll my eyes at the thought of Duran Duran being inducted into the Hall of Fame. For years, it was sort of the side joke I’d snicker about in private with close friends. Not that I didn’t feel Duran Duran was worthy. My feeling was, if Depeche Mode and the Go-Go’s could…

  • Give yourself a break!

    This week in the Real Life of Rhonda, marching band started for my youngest. She is about to start high school, and along with that comes all of the football games, rallies, parades and practices. So this past week served as “Band Camp”. Now, I remember Band Camp very well – sure, it may have…

  • People are nutty

    People are nutty

    I know I’ve typed those words before. Some of my readers over the years may even have taken offense to them. Truth of the matter is, we – the people – ARE nutty at times. Lately, and I hardly think I’m the only one, I’ve been getting so many “fake” accounts following me on Instagram…

  • Super Pumped

    Super Pumped

    I am making progress! Today, I finally figured out how to get subscriptions working. Yes, that seems like it should have been a simple thing. It probably was when I was 40. Alas. (Why can’t we use emojis in blogs? Come on now. That seems like it should be a thing by now.) Normally, I…