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  • Just when you think you’re fine

    Just when you think you’re fine

    I was getting ready to settle in to blog when I discovered the site was blank. Like…super blank. The words “Nothing to see here, move along” were pretty damn appropriate. In that moment, two things ran through my head: why did I ever decide to willingly create a site and do this again; and I…

  • Maybe we can still call it paradise

    Maybe we can still call it paradise

    Are you going to any of the North American shows this time around? Someone on Twitter mentioned a very different vibe for this tour. I can’t disagree. But I’m not sure I’m an appropriate judge. For the past six months, I’ve done very, very, little when it comes to Duran Duran. I think I’ve even…

  • Super Pumped

    Super Pumped

    I am making progress! Today, I finally figured out how to get subscriptions working. Yes, that seems like it should have been a simple thing. It probably was when I was 40. Alas. (Why can’t we use emojis in blogs? Come on now. That seems like it should be a thing by now.) Normally, I…